Our Services

Applicator Services :-

1. Dedicated Technical Expert Service Person
2. Services across 12 Cities in India - Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Indore, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore.
3. Shree Maharaj Chemitech Trained Applicators Support for Customers - Shree Maharaj Chemitech Trained Applicators Support for Customers has trained applicators, under the TOP initiative, who are the ambassadors for good waterproofing workmanship. A TOP applicator denotes quality and reliable service for customers.
4. Applicator Development

  • i.)     Product & Application Training
  •     Training Applicators/ Supervisors/ Site Engineers
  •     Training on best practices
  •     Product training
  •     Application based

  • ii.)     Technical Guidance
  •     Technical data sheets
  •     Solutions to extreme waterproofing requirements
  •     Identifying solutions to problems
  •     Help in diagnosis of waterproofing/ structural issues

  • iii.)     Product Trial
  •     Product Trials under the Technical Guidance of Experts
  •     Right approach to System Application

  • iv.)     Site Inspection
  •     Help check quality of workmanship.
  •     Checklist based site inspection.
  •     The report can be shared with the applicator.

  • Skilled Waterproofer ? :-

    Shree Maharaj Chemitech has a wide range of Solutions for every aspect of Construction. The awareness of waterproofing is still very low in the country and it takes a consistent effort from you to provide the right solution and adopt the correct application methodology.
    1. A free site visit by a Shree Maharaj Chemitech technical representative.
    2. Wide product range backed by India’s largest pool of qualified and experienced people in the Construction chemical business.
    3. Skilled waterproofers who are trained across a wide range of Shree Maharaj Chemitech waterproofing products.
    4. Free site visit by a Shree Maharaj Chemitech technical representative.
    5. Site inspection report along with system recommendations.
    6. Dedicated customer care team for assistance.

    Waterproof World :-

    1. Waterproof World is a retail concept that aims at educating customer through touch and feel, by offering an experience zone wherein a customer can get information regarding the importance of waterproofing.
    2. The objective behind this concept is to create a comprehensive and engaging In Store unit which would enable the retailers to educate customers about waterproofing and allow customers to experience the product usage and application.
    3. This will also provide a platform to engineers, structural consultants, and architects to showcase waterproofing solutions and promote proper application of the product to their clients through tutorial videos shown on the AV unit.